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Plastic wheel with double beadlock 4x137 for Колеса

Articul MP0420v1
Material plastic
Weight 3,5

Can-Am (BRP)
Outlander G1 400
Outlander G1 500/650/800
Outlander G1 Max 500/650/800
Outlander G2 500/650/800/1000/1000X-MR, 2012-13
Outlander G2 6x6 2015-17
Outlander G2 6x6, 2015-17
Outlander G2 Max 500/650/800/1000/1000X-MR, 2013-17
Outlander G2 Max 500/650/800/1000/1000X-MR, 2017-19
Outlander G2 Max 650/650X-MR/850/850X-MR/1000, 2019-
Outlander L Max , 450/500/570XMR, 2015-
Renegade G1 800, 2007-11
Renegade G2 800/1000, 2011-16
Renegade G2 800/1000, 2017-


Plastic ATV wheels with double beadlock.
6R12 ET-7: wheel width of 6" (3"+3"), diameter 12", disc reach -7 mm.
The design of STORM wheels has an internal spacer sleeve, which acts as a bedlock, i.e. sleeve ensures rigid fixation of tire on the rim.
This allows you to operate STORM wheels with minimal air pressure in the tire without fear of disassembly.

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